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   My name is Joanne Jensen and I am a Holistic and Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist.   

Daily life can cause fatigue, overwhelming stress and even injury that may leave us with pain and discomfort. I myself discovered massage therapy through my own experiences of stress induced anxiety. 

However, regular massage therapy sessions helped me let go of my worries and over time, they began to dissolve my aches and pains from chronically withheld tension. 


 I gained an immense gratitude for my health and a renewed respect for the human body’s ability to heal with the proper support. 

I specialise in a fusion of Eastern and Western techniques that treat chronic pain, relieve stress and induce deep relaxation.

 Feel free to browse my website and contact me if you have any questions! 


"Jo is fantastic. I actually didn't realise how tense my back, shoulders and neck were before I started having massages - they are a must if you work in an office environment as we naturally tense our upper body when sat at a computer. Jo makes you feel at ease and is able to effectively get at those troubled spots! I know now when I need a massage and am able to identify tense spots, where I wasn't able to before, and this is all thanks to Jo - she has magic hands!" 

 ~ Andrew R. 19/08/2019

“I am not someone who normally enjoys massages, in fact I tend to avoid them, but I absolutely love going to Jo. She applies just the right amount of pressure so it doesn’t hurt much but at the same time she tackles all my knots. I always leave with less pain in my back and relived of stress. It is the perfect break during a busy day and I can’t recommend her enough.”

~ Irena H. 18/08/2019

"I’ve been having monthly on site massages with Jo since November 2018 and can very much recommend her. She asks about any issues you have had with your back and focuses on those areas, but also takes the time to check other areas as well. She explains what she is doing and does an amazing amount of work in a short period of time. She completely smooths knots and the sessions are very relaxing with soothing music. Try it and you’ll be amazed (and your back will thank you!)."

~ Rachael O. 16/08/2019

"I've had two massages with Jo so far, and can't wait for more! My back, neck and shoulders get extraordinarily tight and knotty due to a shoulder muscle injury. Over the years, I have had quite a few massages from a range of experienced practitioners, but Jo is especially good at listening to your needs and adjusting her treatment accordingly. She gave me a very skilled massage that really got into the muscles and relaxed out the knots. With the second treatment, she even got rid of a headache I'd had all day! She has a very calming, professional manner too, and you feel you can ask her anything."

~ Amelia N. 03/07/2019

 "I had a neck, shoulder and back massage from Jo back in December and it was brilliant! I suffer with a lot of tension in my neck, so much so that I suffered many tension headaches, despite doing Pilates and regular stretches. Jo took the time to ask about this and following the massage my neck and shoulders felt much looser, and much of the tension lifted. The studio is warm, comfortable and welcoming. I am looking to book my next massage already and I will definitely recommend Jo to my friends!"

~ Anna D. 09/01/2019

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"Jo treated me with an on-site massage today. It was fantastic! She worked on some problem areas in my neck and shoulders, and was excellent at listening to my feedback and adjusting her massage to best treat my aches.I am a powerlifter and have been working on increasing muscle mass, but this has had an impact on my mobility and left my muscles sore and tight. Jo was really professional and knowledgeable, and also friendly and put me at ease. She certainly eased some tension and I feel like a new woman! I highly recommend her. Thanks so much Jo!"

~ Tammy G. 25/07/2018

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